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LLAMA Comanche револьвер

Lot 7: Llama Comanche Revolver .357 mag

Montrose Auction Inc.

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Item Overview


.357 mag Serial # R396147 Excellent plus overall condition with factory box. Barrel 6 ” Modern

Payment & Shipping


Accepted forms of payment: American Express, MasterCard, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Visa


Shipping Instructions: Please see the ‘Shipping’ section of the Terms and Conditions. Online bidder: Please note that items purchased online will not be available for pick up on the day of the auction. Our offices will be closed on the day following the auction. Items may be picked up on Thursday between 10am and 12pm. Other times by appointment only. For items being shipped: We will begin packing on the second day following the auction. Items are shipped in the order FFLs are received. Please ask your dealer to include your name and paddle number when they Email their license to: staff@montroseauction.com (Preferred method) or fax, 877-373-0634.

Auction Details

Public Firearms & Accessories Auction 4-2-2019

Montrose Auction Inc.

Montrose , GA, US


Buyer’s Premium

Terms and Conditions

Montrose Auction Inc.
1702 Second Street, Montrose, GA 31065 478-845-1998

Terms and Conditions: All persons bidding in electronic format are responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the terms of sale as specified herein and agree to be bound thereby. Upon registering or making a bid to the auctioneer, buyers agree and accept the following terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not bid.

Montrose Auction may auction items at a rate of 140+ lots per hour. Periodically, the Invaluable applet or the internet connection may not keep pace with the auction. We recommend that you place a realistic absentee bid now to help in these instances. The auctioneer may reject an online bid or may reopen a lot after the close of online bidding. By bidding via Invaluable, you agree that the auctioneer shall have final say in all disputes including but not limited to tie bids.

Registration: Bidders must be registered buyers with Invaluable. No other forms of electronic bidding are accepted. Each registered bidder is solely responsible for the use of his/her bidder number and any use by another person is presumed to be with the consent of and contractually binding on the registered bidder. The bidder warrants that he/she is not under the age of 18.

Buyer’s Premium: Every lot sold by electronic medium by Montrose Auction Inc. is subject to a 18% buyer’s premium, which must be paid by the buyer.

Inspection: All items are sold ‘As Is – Where Is’. Bidders are urged to inspect property/merchandise prior to bidding. Failure to inspect shall not constitute cause for cancellation of sale. All items are open to public inspection prior to auction.

Condition & Description: The condition of the items being offered can vary. The buyer understands and agrees: 1) that any description is solely for identification, and does not create any warranty, expressed or implied, that the property/merchandise actually conforms to such description; 2) all weights, measurements, values and descriptions must be considered approximations or estimations and do not create any warranty, expressed or implied; 3) that the property/merchandise is purchased ‘AS IS’, ‘WHERE IS’, and ‘WITH ALL FAULTS’. Montrose Auction Inc. makes no warranties or guarantees whatsoever whether written, oral, or implied as to quality, quantity, condition, usability, salability, weight, measurement, mechanical condition, performance, or other specification.

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Addition or Deletion From Sale: Montrose Auction Inc. reserves the right to withdraw from sale any of the items listed, to sell at this auction items not listed, to group or subdivide lots.

Bidding: This is an open and progressive, (Live) voice auction. It is the bidder’s responsibility to pay attention to items being offered for sale and to bid on items in which he/she is interested. When possible, items are sold in the sequence listed in the auction catalog or by random selection by auction staff. Bidders are responsible to ensure that the auction catalog description or announced description of any item they intend to purchase matches the property/merchandise inspected. Sale of property or merchandise will not be canceled due to bidder misunderstanding or failure to pay attention to the bidding. Montrose Auction Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. Bidding increments shall be at the auctioneer’s sole discretion. The auctioneer shall have final say in all disputes including but not limited to tie bids. The auctioneer may at his/her discretion re-offer the lot to determine the high bidder.

Consignors: Consignors are not allowed to bid on their own property/merchandise or have an agent bid on their behalf. If the auctioneer recognizes such bidding or is advised of same, the Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any and all items consigned by the offending consignor.

Collusion: Practices that eliminate competition, such as collusive bidding, fictitious bidding, Pooling or conspiring to make a bid by acting as a ‘capper’, ‘booster’, or ‘shiller’ may result in criminal penalties pursuant to the Sherman Anti Trust Act.

Timely Payment: The successful bidder must pay for the purchase of all lots immediately following the conclusion of the auction.

Reserves: Montrose Auction Inc. generally accepts property/merchandise with no reserves. Montrose Auction Inc. will, from time to time, accept items with confidential reserves. This is the minimum price that the consignor will accept for the lot. All reserves are set at or below fair market value and at no time will Montrose Auction Inc. accept a reserve that exceeds what our extensive experience tells us is fair market value for a particular lot.

Payment Form: Acceptable forms of payment are VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express.

Firearm Purchases: Montrose Auction is a federally-licensed firearms dealer in the state of Georgia and follows all local, state and federal firearms regulations. A current, signed copy of a dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required before firearms will be shipped. Please reference the bidder’s name and/or invoice number when faxing, 877-373-0634, any correspondence.

Class III Purchases: Class III items are fully transferable after ATF approval on a Form 3 or Form 4 with the applicable NFA tax stamp.

Shipping: ‘IN HOUSE’ SHIPPING FOR SMALL ITEMS: All Invaluable bidders are responsible for the cost of packing and shipping. Insurance is required for all shipments. All costs will be determined the week following the auction and will be included in the invoice. Payment is expected upon receipt of invoice prior to shipping items. We ship via UPS Insured-Signature Required. SHIPPING FOR LARGE ITEMS & BLANKET-WRAPPED SHIPPING: All Invaluable bidders are responsible for the cost & arrangement of shipping for oversize items. The responsibility of packing and shipping large items lies solely with the winning bidder. Buyers of large items are required to pay for the item within 5 days of the sale, regardless of shipping or pick-up issues. All sales are final. Items may be picked-up, in-person, at the auction house by appointment only.

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Refunds: ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Removal: All personal property/merchandise must be paid for in full before removal. ALL PROPERTY must be removed by 12:01 pm on the day following the auction. If merchandise cannot be removed, arrangements with auction staff must be made for storage or delivery with buyer paying all costs. Merchandise not picked up within 7 calendar days following an auction will be subject to a storage charge of $5.00 per day unless prior arrangements are made. Items left over 30 days will be sold. Default: Failure to make required payments or effect removal of property/merchandise within time and manner specified shall be deemed forfeiture of any right, title, and interest bidder may have acquired, and the property/merchandise shall revert and repossess to Montrose Auction Inc.

Announcements: Announcements may be made on the day of sale to clarify catalog descriptions or other information specific to a lot or individual property/merchandise item. These announcements take precedence over catalog information pertinent to the property/merchandise but do not alter in any way these basic terms and conditions of sale.

LLAMA Comanche револьвер

Перевести · 13.06.2013 · In this gun review, we consider Spanish-made .357 magnum revolver: the LlamaComanche

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Llama firearms – Wikipedia

Перевести · Llama Firearms, officially known as Llama-Gabilondo y Cia SA, was a Spanish arms company founded in 1904 under the name Gabilondo and Urresti.Its headquarters were in Eibar in the Basque Country, Spain, but they also had workshops during different times in Elgoibar and Vitoria.The company manufactured moderate-priced revolvers

  • Headquarters: Eibar in the Basque …
  • Defunct: 2000
  • Founded: 1904
  • Industry: Firearms


Llama Super Comanche .357Mag Review – YouTube

Перевести · 27.11.2012 · This is the Llama Super Comanche in .357 Magnum. …

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“Comanche” For Sale – Buds Gun Shop

Перевести · Comanche SCP90000 Super Comanche Single Round 45LC/410ga 6″ 2.5 By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified …


Перевести · llama commanche iii 357 magnum 4in revolver description: a llama commanche iii 357 magnum 6 shot blue revolver. the firearm has …

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Перевести · 21.03.2017 · I love Llamas. There, I said it. So when I saw this Super Comanche in .357 Magnum over the weekend, I had to get it. This …

Llama Comanche III – Revolver made in Spain

Перевести · 22.02.2016 · It’s a Llama Comanche III (.357 Mag) with 6″ barrel. I understand that these revolvers made in Spain were designed with …

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Comanche To – Comanche To Angebote | Super Angebote

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Реклама Super Angebote für Comanche To hier im Preisvergleich. Comanche To zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen.

Карманные пистолеты и револьверы. Часть 3.

Часть 1
Часть 2

Завершающий пост, содержащий всякие бессвязные заметки.

В предыдущих постах речь шла о деринджерах. Я упоминала только о самых характерных и запоминающихся представителях, на самом деле их много всяких. Помимо однозарядных пистолетов более-менее традиционной формы существовали несколько необычные варианты, например вот такой:

Одна из самых удобных и практичных, на мой вкус, карманных конструкций — пистолет “Голуа” (Gaulois). Запатентован он был в 1892 году Этьенном Мимаром (Etienne Mimard) и Пьером Бланшоном (Pierre Blanchon), а в производство был запущен с 1893 года на фабрике по производству оружия и велосипедов в Сент-Этьенне (честное слово: Manufacture Francaise d’Armes et Cycles de Saint-Etienne) и производился вплоть до начала Первой мировой. Первоначально он назывался “карманным пулеметом” (mitrailleuse de poche), но для коммерческого названия это как-то тяжеловесно, поэтому называние было заменено на “Голуа” (Gaulois) — это и более звучно и, что немаловажно, содержит в себе игру смыслов, ибо слово это переводится как “галл, житель галлии” или, если понимать слово как прилагательное, “шутливый, вольный, нескромный”.

Длина у этого пистолета 13,5 см, калибр – 8 мм, магазин на пять зарядов. Существовало целых шесть вариантов, имевших номера от одного до шести, которые отличались друг от друга только качеством исполнения и декоративностью. Удобная форма всячески способствовала компактному упаковыванию пистолета в разнообразные футляры вроде портсигара или своеобразного кошелька.

Пистолет в футляре и вид на механизм.
Фотографии увеличиваются.

Схожий смысл имеет конструкция пистолета “Лё Мервейё” (Le Merveilleux) (транскрипции с французского выглядят просто жутко, я знаю). Настолько же проще раньше было с нейминго: можно было назвать пистолет просто и не затейливо: “Великолепный”. Принцип действия у него такой же как у “Голуа”, только рамка, за счет нажатия на которую производился выстрел, находилась не сзади, а спереди.

И вариант пошикарнее:

Ещё один “кистевой эспандер”, тоже французского производства — “Протектор” (Protector). Запатентован Жаком-Эдмоном Тюрбио (Turbiaux) в 1883 году. Общая длина у него 11 см, калибр 6 или 8 мм, соотвественно, количество зарядов – 10 или 7. Конструкция изящная, но маломощная.

Немножко цирка уродцев.

Пистолет Брюн Латридж. Был запатентован в 1868 году, но в производство был запущен только в 1890. Магазин у него был аж на десять зарядов, калибр — 6 мм, а общая длина — 12,5 см. Спусковой крючок — это, соответственно, вон то колечко.

Скажи мне кто твой друг, и я скажу тебе кто ты. Что бы вы сказали о человеке, у которого в друзьях кастет-перечница Май Френд” (My Friend), изобретение Джеймса Рида, ирландца, эмигрировавшего в Америку в середине 19 века.

С тех пор, когда я первый раз увидела эту штуковину живьем, меня не переставал мучить вопрос: а как, собственно, его приходится держать для того, чтобы использовать как кастет. Ответ нашелся на сайте http://www.littlegun.be:

Кто не поленится увеличить — сможет прочитать комментарии. Эффективность в качестве кастета не гарантируется 🙂

На этом пока всё.
Пикспам наверняка ещё будет пополняться, но потом, когда будет вдохновение 🙂

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